Datahive Online Backup

DatahiveTM is our fully managed online data backup tool which will safeguard your company files and emails from disaster. It requires no hardware and backs up automatically so delivers peace of mind and eliminates the possibility of human error or backup equipment failure.

DatahiveTM also provides backup capability for…


What are the benefits of off-site data backups?

>> Reduced Management and equipment costs

Operating costs and human error are greatly reduced as backups are fully automated and require no locally maintained drive hardware or consumable tapes.

>> Fully secure transfer and storage

All backed up data is transferred across the internet and stored in multiple UK only datacenters (ISO27001 accredited) using 128 bit AES encryption, protecting against physical loss, fire and flood.

>> Easy to set-up and highly scalable

Datahive is so easy and quick to set-up, you will be protecting your business critical information in minutes. Unlike tapes and discs, data hive is totally scalable, without the need to purchase new hardware or consumables. Simply contact customer services and your storage needs will be immediately increase, thereby, ensuring your valuable data is never put at risk.

>> Quick restoration of files and ‘disaster recovery’

Restoring individual files, e-mails and directories is quick and easy and can be performed world-wide from any computer with an internet connection. If faced with a disaster recovery scenario where a complete copy of your data is required, we can, seed load your restorable drive and courier your data to a chosen location in the UK, inside 24 hrs.