As your business grows increasingly dependent on the information it holds, so the security and integrity of your networks become ever more critical. Computer phishing and cybercrime are on the increase. Many businesses are unwittingly leaving themselves vulnerable to viruses, spam and hacking attacks because they are reliant on outdated or inappropriate security technology.

At TCS we help clients to implement ‘best practice’ to ensure that their IT network and information is secure.


As a minimum you should protect all your networked PCs and servers with an Antivirus product. We recommend ESET and their high performing Endpoint Antivirus products

Streamfilter Email Security
Our on-line filtering tool is designed for businesses that have an on-site server – Microsoft Exchange or Small Business Server, for example – or any remote POP3 email service. It provides a ring of security around your email, ensuring it remains secure, free from spam and viruses, and always there.

A quality business grade firewall is an absolute essential for your network. Our perimeter security experts will be able to specify what’s best for your business and conduct full configuration and installation.

Windows security updates

Windows updates are a vital component of keeping your network secure. Either manually or via our remote management system we can install and manage updates across your network