As your business grows increasingly dependent on the information it holds, so the security and integrity of your networks become ever more critical. Computer phishing and cybercrime are on the increase. Many businesses are unwittingly leaving themselves vulnerable to viruses, spam and hacking attacks because they are reliant on outdated or inappropriate security technology.

At TCS we help clients to implement ‘best practice’ to ensure that their IT network and information is secure.

Secure dark endpoints
Dark endpoints — devices that are off the network, lost, stolen or operating without effective security controls — are breeding grounds for security breaches.  Absolute provides a combination of a easy-to-use cloud-based Absolute platform combined with patented self-healing capabilities embedded in the firmware provides unique technology that cannot be tampered with or removed. This exclusive position gives you visibility you can act on and near real-time remediation to protect your devices, your data, your applications, and importantly your users — both on and off your network

Firewalls for Business
A quality business grade firewall is essential for your network. Our perimeter security experts will be able to specify what’s best for your business and conduct full configuration and installation.  We recommend to our clients Draytek and Sonicwall firewalls.


The Absolute Platform

Learn how Absolute combines a cloud-based security console with its patented embedded Persistence technology, giving you always-on visibility and near real-time remediation to protect devices, data, applications, and users — on or off your network.

SonicWall for Small & Medium Businesses

SMBs are one of the segments most targeted by cybercriminals. With 27 years of experience defending SMBs from malicious cyberattacks, SonicWall has refined powerful yet cost-effective end-to-end cybersecurity solutions. SonicWall security solutions protect your business from ransomware, encrypted threats and zero-day attacks, and can be customized to meet the needs of specific security or business objectives.

Watch this exclusive 2019 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report video that offers proprietary threat research and analysis that identifies key security industry advancements, cyber criminal trends, and delivers predictions and guidance for 2019

ESET Antivirus
As a minimum you should protect all your networked PCs and servers with an Antivirus product. We recommend ESET and their high performing Endpoint Antivirus products.  We provide ESET licences for all user types including

NOD32 Antivirus for Home users
Endpoint Anitvirus for Business users
MS Windows File server and Virtual server protection

Licences are available for 1,2 or 3 Years or you can choose to pay monthly