Digital signange with less effort and more impact

We partner with Sedao to deliver high quality signage solutions where even non-technically minded individuals can create and post compelling content and messages with little or no training required.

Sedao digital signage is used by schools and colleges throughout the UK. It not only provides a flexible means of engaging and communicating with pupils and staff, but can help you make the most cost-effective use of valuable resources.

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With one or more large format screens, signage players and Sedao software at your disposal, you can communicate vital messages quickly and easily throughout your school or college. Examples of how you might choose to use it include:

  • Display timetables – Show timetables across the campus (or to specific screens), and update them in seconds, in the knowledge that everyone will see them.
  • Give staffing updates – Publish up-to-the-minute information about substitute teachers or lecturers and other staff changes
  • Showcase achievements – Announce academic or sports results, focus on individual achievements and encourage good behaviour by students
  • Implement government policy – Ensure key messages and initiatives from the Department of Education are conveyed to pupils and staff, via posters and other messaging
  • Show emergency notices – Send a message to every screen in your school or college instantly. Announce a fire alarm, provide a ‘newsflash’ of sports results, cancellation of an event etc